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Help using Clickforchoice

Adding or Modifying a Link: Help on Adding or Changing a Link to the Directory

Using the website: We have designed the Click4choice website with ease of use in mind. In general the Click4choice site is just like any other website.
Our site is a collection of pages interwoven with links. A link is a piece of text, or an image that, when clicked on will take you to another page. Our links are almost always text links and will be a different color from the rest of the text. The link will also be underlined. When you click on a link you will be taken to another web page containing information related to the text of the link. For example if you see a text link like this "Home" then this link will take you back to the homepage. When you are browsing around our site is you ever happen to get lost simply click on the logo at the top left of any page and you will be sent back to the homepage.

Using Click4choice search: Click4choice web search is useful for locating sites of interest and information on the internet. All of our pages have a web search box located at the top and you can use this to carry out keyword searches. There is a drop down select list that you can use to decide what to search on. The choices are "The Web", "Our Directory"," Our Shopping Directory ", & "Amazon". By selecting one of these will determine where your search query is sent.

If you select "web" your query will be sent to our web search and you will be transferred to our web search results page. Currently our web search results are provided by our new Meta Search Engine.

If you choose "directory" then you will view results from within the Click4choice web directory. This is our own human edited web directory.

Browsing the directory: You can also find sites of interest by browsing through our directory categories. When searching the directory you should start by choosing a top level category that best suite you requirements. Click on this category to open it up. You will then be presented with a list of subcategories. By selecting subcategories you are drilling your way down through the directory and navigating yourself towards your results. Once you have been specific enough and have worked your way through the directory a few levels you will start to see results showing web pages. These are pages that may be suitable to your search criteria, or you may have to dig a little deeper.

Free Classified Ads: You may place your free ads in our Classified Ad section by first registering. After you register click on the location where you want your ad to show. A menu link will appear for you to place a free listing. Listings are kept for 30 days and can be renewed as often as you like. The limit on the number ads you may place is unlimited.
The limit on the image size is 640x480 - should you exceed this size the ad will not be submitted. Make sure your image remains under this limit - for instance 480x560 will not work since the 560 is larger than 480!
480x380 or 640x480 will work fine since both the width and height are at or under the the limits. We have broken down the listings by category and we will add more categories as the popularity of our classified ads section increases.

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