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About Click4Choice

Click4Choice has under gone many changes over the past years.
Striving to improve our service to the Web community offering not only a quality Directory and Search experience
We now offer Weather, Meta Search, Amazon Search and Classified Ads along with our directory
As we go forward we will continue to add to our site those things we feel are important to people
We do not run pop-up ads although some websites listed may use them and any pop-up you see is not from us

Our Directory

Click4Choice runs two Directories - Shopping and a General Web Directory
The Click4choice Directory lists only those Websites that meet our criteria.
We hand inspect each website for those things we feel is important.
There is a small Fee for those to list in either or both Directories which is used to cover our costs for running it

Our Background

Clickforchoice has been online since 1999. The site was first used as the authors homepage and was used to store bookmarks and sites of interest. As the collection of links began to build it was clear that some sort of retrieval method was going to be required.
 This was the birth of the Clickforchoice web directory. At this time the directory was primarily used by the author with a small trickle of outside visitors finding the site. By mid 2000 the site was beginning to get fairly popular and a decision was made to accept submissions from users. This enabled the directory to grow at a steady rate. The criteria for a site to be listed are fairly simple. Sites within the directory must offer high quality content and be suitable for users of all ages. The directory was designed to be family friendly.
Towards the end of 2000 the site was moved onto it's current domain hence the name changed as well.
Site traffic began to increase and the search engine became fairly widely used. When Clickforchoice was first launched it saw 24 page views in it's first week. Today the site serves on average well over a quarter of a million page views every month.

The large percentage of our growth has to be put down to repeat visitors and site owners who are willing to link to us. If you own a site why not consider doing this. and add a link to Clickforchoice.

In 2002 Clickforchoice switched it's name to Click4choice and it's original name is still used.
Click4choice is now well established in it's routes and is slowly moving forward on it's quest to become a well used search site. So where do we see Click4choice going in the future? We have plans for future expansion of our internet services and offerings. This will include refinement of our web search as well as the implementation of more quality services.

I am the webmaster of Click4choice and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read about my site and I hope you like what you see. All I ask is that you drop by now and then to see what improvements we have made.

Vincent Gabriele Admin
Alistair McIntyre founder, Click4Choice.

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